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Lay Leadership

The Parish Pastoral Council Executive Committee consists of the Pastor, Co-Chairs of the Commissions listed below, the Director of Administration and the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  This body will meet two times per year in June and December immediately following the Common Leadership Meeting.  The June meeting is to plan for goals going forward and the December meeting is to discuss the past year.  Of course the meetings can also include discussion of any issues, problems, etc.  The Pastor is the Chairman of the Committee and can convene additional meetings if needed.  

The Common Leadership Commissions  function in collaboration with the Pastor, Pastoral staff and the total parish in setting policy and establishing goals, objectives and action plans.  They provide a vehicle for participation to enable parishioners to share their talents and faith in ministry to one another.  They meet every other month on the first Sunday immediately following 10:30 AM Mass.  Snacks are provided by the Commissions on an alternating basis. 



Common Leadership Commissions are:

1. Community Life & Outreach 
2. Faith Formation
3. Spiritual Life
4. Stewardship and Development


Parish Pastoral Council Executive Committee 2014-2015 are listed below

Fr.Pat Beidelman

Community Life and Outreach Co-Chairs
Randy Krieble and Lisa Floyd

Faith Formation Co-Chairs
Mark Rowlands

Spiritual Life Chairperson
Jonathan Dowell

Stewardship and Development
Ron Hagan

Finance Committee Chairman
Pat Maher

Director of Administration
Judy Cunningham


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