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Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry


Yesterday and Today


The Cathedral Soup Kitchen has been a continuing program since the Great Depression of the late 1920s through the 1930s. It initially began with peanut butter sandwiches being handed out to the many persons in need. This evolved into early morning coffee and doughnuts. In the ‘70’s a Sunday meal was provided. During the 1980s space was given in the old Cathedral Elementary School to combine both efforts. In the early 1990s the daily Breakfast Program added a morning meal and a brunch meal as well as the beginning of a food pantry. The Cathedral Parish, the Sisters of Providence, St. Vincent de Paul and parishes such as St. Thomas, St. Pius, St. Luke, St. Susanna, St. Monica to name a few were involved in the many phases of growth by providing volunteers, food, and whenever possible, financial assistance.


Today we have expanded our program to seven days per week (See separate tab "Hours of Operation". We are feeding 3,200 meals to the needy, homeless and poor people a month (or 41,600 meals a year). We provide food via the pantry to 1,080 households per month each Tuesday and Thursday (or 12,960 households each year).



Mission of the Soup Kitchen


To reach out to the homeless, the needy, the poor, the marginalized people in our neighborhoods by offering food, respect, encouragement, prayers and goodwill.


To be a bridge for those more fortunate so they may better understand the needs of our guests and provide time, help and assistance to the program either directly or indirectly.


To provide a welcoming site for students to serve the poor and instill in them a life long commitment to helping the poor.


To pray together and learn from each other so we may become a special and welcoming neighborhood of God.


To provide a safe and welcoming environment that is conducive to serving meals to the poor, needy, homeless and disenfranchised.

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